Feeling lost in the wilderness, not knowing the way back home. Fearful of the hidden beasts, I tried my hardest to find a trail, a track, something left behind that would guide me home. Anxiety crept in. My heart beating fast. My palms began to sweat. Nightfall settled in. I closed my eyes. I cleared my fearful thoughts. I listened to the beat of my heart, and focused on my breathing. When all of the sudden, a still small voice whispered and said… “where your treasure is, there you will find your heart.” I opened my eyes, the moon shining bright, and the stars and galaxies blanket the sky.  In the center, I sEye a comet, so I began to run after it. Growing tired and exhausted. My mind was focused on one thing- my treasure: my family…my daughter. I knew I needed to find my way back to them. So, I kept running. The comet kept growing smaller and smaller… I thought I was losing it. So, I ran faster. Some way, somehow… I found it. I found my way home. I made it. The relief of finding my way through that darkness released all tension and anxiety. The comet led me to the treasures of my heart. The people I cherished the most. “Where your treasure is, there you will find your heart.”