Feeling lost in the wilderness, not knowing the way back home. Fearful of the hidden beasts, I tried my hardest to find a trail, a track, something left behind that would guide me home. Anxiety crept in. My heart beating fast. My palms began to sweat. Nightfall settled in. I closed my eyes. I cleared my fearful thoughts. I listened to the beat of my heart, and focused on my breathing. When all of the sudden, a still small voice whispered and said… “where your treasure is, there you will find your heart.” I opened my eyes, the moon shining bright, and the stars and galaxies blanket the sky.  In the center, I sEye a comet, so I began to run after it. Growing tired and exhausted. My mind was focused on one thing- my treasure: my family…my daughter. I knew I needed to find my way back to them. So, I kept running. The comet kept growing smaller and smaller… I thought I was losing it. So, I ran faster. Some way, somehow… I found it. I found my way home. I made it. The relief of finding my way through that darkness released all tension and anxiety. The comet led me to the treasures of my heart. The people I cherished the most. “Where your treasure is, there you will find your heart.”




There is a season to everything. Fall, especially, is my favorite. It’s not just about the cute warm clothes, or everyone’s crave of PSL (pumpkin spice latte’s). But, rather, it’s the thought of finishing up another year. The preparation of closing the year, with a few weeks left, to only enter a new year. A new year with new opportunities; new goals; new ideas; new trips; well – new beginnings.

So, as we prepare to close this year. What new goals will we set? Where do we want to be in the coming year, whether spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. What changes are we willing to make to get there? What sacrifices are we willing to take?

Let’s be like these trees. Standing firm through all kinds of storms. Standing tall in the midst of all the chaos. Let’s be like these trees, tossing the old and taking our time in developing a new life; just as the tree is shedding to make way for newer leaves. Let’s plant our roots so deep in confidence, that we never allow the world around us to tear us apart. Let us brave through what’s to come.

But, why Fall? Out of the 4 seasons, why Fall? Well, if you think about it… Fall is a season of restoration. The trees lose their leaves. Gardens lose their flowers. Birds flock to the warmth. And for what, to weather the storm that’s ahead, which leads to new life. New beginnings. New colors. New sounds. New birds. So, instead of thinking of Fall as the season before winter. Think of it as restoration. A restoration of a new and fresh mind, body, and soul.