There is nothing in this world that even compares to how in love I am with you. You are my eternal world, and I can’t imagine life without you. You’re so graceful, smart, beautiful, funny, loud, incredible, and so much more.

You are officially 10 weeks old. Life is not fair, for robbing time away from me. I wish there was a magical button to make time standstill. Oh darling I would keep you little and in my arms forever.

I know that’s not how life is supposed to be. So I tell you… little one, don’t let this world scare you. The world is big and can be exciting. You are the maker of your future and legacy. God will guide you in every step, if you allow him. Don’t let this world change who You are. People will be envious, afraid of you, intimated by you, but… holdfast my love. Show them your grace and the love of Jesus. Show them they are great. And never allow their negative words to impact you, but use that as fuel to stand your ground and continue walking in Confidence.

Little one, you are destined to do great things. You, my love, are a world changer. Your heart is bigger than anything explainable.


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