imageThe mind can be so deceiving. It can take you places you do not wish to go or revisit. It makes something out of nothing. It longs for things out of the ordinary. The mind can make you feel as if you’re missing a piece to your soul…

Falling in love can be the most amazing feeling in the world. Your heart doesn’t deny anyone’s love. When the heart finds the one, it goes without care. The butterflies never go away. You spend every waking moment believing in the person. You enjoy their company and drink their tender presence. Their life is nothing but a radiance of joy in your life. It’s everything you dreamed of and more.

It’s the heartbreak that hurts the most. When you fall in love and your mind replays the memories that seem so distant. The pain you try to wish away, but only becomes even more excruciating. When you see them, you want nothing more than to know what’s running through their mind. Am I but a distant memory in your mind. Am I just a forgotten soul. Am I what once was and nothing more.

Oh mind why do you play tricks on me. These memories keep playing in my mind like a broken tape, revisiting each serene, pleasant, amazing memory. Make it stop. Pause. I don’t know what hurts the most. What we once had and now it’s gone, or the memories that continuously replay in my mind and heart.

When the heart falls in love… It falls hard. But when your heart is broken… Not even the best engineer, architect, doctor, therapist or what have you can restore the mess of a broken heart.


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