Get UP and Go!

“I have a Dream!” said so many kids at City of Dreams. Fighting back the tears as we listened to, at least, a dozen kids say what their dreams are.

All over the world we see an epidemic of hunger tearing down the lives of many children and families. Something that is so easily accessible to us here in the United States, is made so difficult for others elsewhere. Why? Why do we have it easy? Why do we take it for granted?

Defining 78 felt a strong urgency to help in what ever way possible. A group of us knew we needed to do something about this crisis flooded in 3rd world countries. We knew there was something we could do to provide hope and life to many children struggling.

We all sacrificed a night on September 30th, to volunteer for Feed My Starving Children. An organization that is fighting for children who lack proper nutrition due to poverty. It’s an organization who believes in ending this cycle, and restoring hope to the hopeless.

To be a part of this was a unique and humbling experience. We became one with the community and helped make 407 boxes in a 2 hour span. This creates 87,912 serving, which is enough to feed hundreds of children for 365 days! Even though we’re millions of miles away, in an entirely different country, we have just helped save a life.

Defining 78 is a team who believes in making a difference. We’re a team who believes we are the Hands and Feet of Christ. A team who is willing to serve, rather than to be served. And we’re a team looking for more ways to make a life changing difference in our community and world.


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