Little Red House

I was born in Los Angeles. I remember visiting the city almost every weekend. I remember being surrounded by soo many people. People I knew, and people I’ve never seen in my life. Where I lived wasn’t safe. We lived in and through some of the toughest areas in LA. Areas that no kid should ever have to live through. Which is why we moved to Green Bay, WI. Home of the Green Bay Packers… lol

From Green Bay, we moved 45 mins to a super small town called Gillett, Wisconsin, population of just a little over 3000. Not only was it hard to adjust to a small town, we had to adjust being the only house on the block. I was no longer surrounded by people, but rather of open fields and woods. Giant trees stood guard in front and behind our house. Fall made these trees look unbelievably pretty! Sometimes I couldn’t tell if it was the sun shining or the reflection of the leaves that painted a bright yellowish color in our house. The leaves flooded our backyard, they were fun up until we had to rake them all!! My family and I, a family of 7 kids and my parents lived in an older-two-story-reddish-brick-house. I wish I knew how many acres we had total, but I cannot remember. I loved that I finally had my own room, and that we actually lived in a house big enough for the entire family. The kitchen was pretty big, which was awesome for the holidays, birthdays, graduations, and, well, party’s in general! Our dining area was so big too, with giant windows overlooking our field and wooded area! I remember sitting by the window looking at the snow covered trees! They reminded me of white chocolate covered pretzels! Lol >.< My room was so big! I could fit my own bed and a dresser! Lol It was a big deal for me, considering our old house back in LA, I used to room with my two older brothers. We used to sleep on a bunk bed. My older brothers on the top, and I on the bottom (I fell once or twice. Lol). My bedroom was my bedroom now. My favorite color was green, so can you guess what color I painted my room? I did a soft pastel green, with black décor, and my Aladdin cover. Lol Hey, I was 12 at the time!! 🙂

Life seemed good for a while, until it started hitting me, this town is toooo small for me, but I LOVE my new house! 🙂 It just wasn’t enough for me. I moved out, and back to Green Bay when I was 17 years old. I couldn’t let go of the city life…


One thought on “Little Red House

  1. Except for all the lols…lol…I liked it for the most part. I know in a past assignment we were supposed to use our own voice, and maybe my comment is in a contradiction of you using your voice, but using “pretty” doesn’t really describe “big” unless the big kitchen was pretty. Just my opinion 🙂


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