Once was lost, but now I’m found.

All of the sudden, I look at my wrist and realize I didn’t put my watch on this morning?! I pretty much usually go almost everywhere with this watch. It holds so much sentimental value to me; my (now) husband used this as an engagement ring. 🙂

One day, while at work, I realized I didn’t have my watch on. Thinking I left it where I typically always do, I didn’t think too much of it. After work, I went straight to the “spot” and it was NOT there! Assuming I left it in my husbands car, after our workout at the gym the night before, I looked all over his vehicle with absolutely no luck. THIS was where my heart started pounding so hard, I felt it was going to jump out of my chest!

I told my husband about it, and not only did he laugh, but we both spent 2 hours looking for my watch! I felt so angry, depressed, hopeless, but at the same time, I felt determined, optimistic, and refuse to go to bed without that watch! I felt horrible, because this watch meant so much to me, AS well as for  my husband… and it was gone.

My house looked like a tornado, tsunami, and earthquake combined in one. I’ve never felt so determined about something as I was searching desperately for that watch. I thought so hard, that my head was aching, on where I possibly could have placed it. But nothing came to mind… Everything around me was nothing but a blur  and such a disaster.

When all the sudden, my husband, nonchalant, came into the room and was like here it is. My heart almost jumped out of my chest! I could NOT believe it was found!! I looked everywhere! Well, at least I thought I did?!

He said, ” I forgot I put it in one of the drawers. You had taken it off one day when you were washing dishes, and I put it in the drawer for you. 🙂 ” Although I don’t know why he put it in the drawer, other than maybe to play a prank on me to see how long I’d notice it’s missing ((Yes, he’s done that before)). I think he forgot it was in there, so that’s why he couldn’t find it either! 🙂

I’m NOT a materialistic person. But when I’m given a gift with true meaning, I take it to heart. This watch isn’t just a watch. My husband took the time to find something he knew I’d like.


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