The anticipation is killing me. Getting on the plane was all I longed for, and the thought of falling asleep for eight hours, before waking up the next morning, was simply dreadful! Before October 11th, 2013, there was a place in my heart that was untouched. A place I didn’t know existed, until I stepped foot off the bus upon arriving in Venice, Italy. Could it be? Am I really here?? Is this dream finally a reality, and no longer a movie playing in my mind?

The atmosphere, the people, the turquoise water, the birds, Oooh the food!! It is so unreal! The colors, the fine breeze, the music, the art, the clothing, the architecture, need I say more?! Simply breath taking! This is all coming from a girl who lives in a city with a population of 100k, who’s culture revolves on nothing but our football team. This was a trip that won a piece of my heart. 1 of 3 cities visited on my trip to Europe, which made an everlasting imprint in my life.

So, you ask what place I would go toΒ right now?

Venice, Italy.

One of many pictures taken on this trip is attached for you to see…


5 thoughts on “Untouched

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog.

    Lovely post. Venice… I have never been there but would surely love to. Italy is at the top of the countries to visit. Hopefully next year πŸ™‚


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